TriLens Camera Lens Holder

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TriLens Lens Holder

​​​Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you wanted to change your camera lenses quickly but it’s hard to ​find the right ​lens in your camera bag?  Well, there is a ​new invention on the market which is going to solve all of your lens changing needs. Introducing the TriLens camera lens holder, a revolutionary product from the company “Frii Designs” which enables you to change the lenses on your camera easy and safely without carrying an extra camera bag. ​

TriLens Lens Holder

​Image courtesy of Frii Designs

The TriLens is the first product of its kind which enables you to mount Nikon, Canon and Sony lens, by fully eliminating the need to carry an extra camera bag.  As a photographer, I have been in a situation when I needed to carry multiple lenses, but there is a constant fear that you might miss the important shot while changing the lens. Plus, in worst case scenario if you are shooting outside you might even forget or lose your lens in the middle of a street. With TriLens you don’t have to worry about such things as you can change lenses instantly, with only one hand, which is really convenient.

​Swedish Startup That Makes Your Life Better

​  Frii Designs  

​Jonas Lundin – Founder and CEO

​Hampus Lundin – Production manager and customer service

​Image courtesy of Frii Designs

​The Frii Design is a Swedish startup based in Stockholm, with an initial goal to make the photographer’s life easier. The company launched its crowdfunding campaign on May 10, 2017, to secure around 600 pre-orders however from the recent updates, it’s clear that the TriLens is available worldwide​ so everyone can get their new camera lens holder. The guys behind the product are Jonas Lundin and his brother Hampus Lundin, who are constantly updating the product while providing additional guides on their YouTube channel ​as well as on social media pages on how to use the TriLens and other interesting information.

Kickstarter Campaign Results:

1,218 backers

​With the experience in photography and mechanical engineering, brothers were able to develop a truly revolutionary product. As the founders describe they have spent more than a year going through the countless prototypes to deliver the final product which is really durable. Especially considering the locking mechanism which protects your lens and the housing itself that can hold up to 100kg weight.

How Does the Lens Holder Work?

​​The product consists of two items the Beltclip which goes on your belt and the Housing where you can attach your lenses on. ​ The model itself is really convenient as you won’t miss your next shot while struggling to change the lens and the whole process is even simple than you could imagine. The TriLens enables you to carry up to three different lenses at the same time. Plus, once you change the glass it will automatically adjust the center of gravity to be as low as possible.

TriLens - Quick start guide

​Image courtesy of Frii Designs​​​​​


  • checkExtremely Handy
  • check​Very ​Durable 
  • check​Automatically Adjusts the Center of Gravity
  • checkMade of Steel and Fiber-Reinforced Nylon
  • check​Can Hold up to 100kg Weight


  • checkIt’s not Convenient for ​Big Lenses

The auto friction mechanism which is built in the TriLens will keep the system stable all the time no matter if you are walking or running. The only thing you have to do is to make sure that before attaching the new lens to the housing, it’s aligned with the red dot to lock it securely in one place. Other than that, it’s pretty simple to operate. Moreover, if you have an empty spot left on your ​housing​​ the TriLens provides you with three additional protection caps, ​ which you can use on open mounts in order to protect the ​system against dust. ​Also, the thing that I really like about TriLens is the safety pin, which enables you to detach the housing from the belt by simply pulling the safety pin which is extremely handy.

Included in the Box:    Housing | Beltclip | Frii pouch | Cap Magnets | Protection caps

TriLens kit

​Image courtesy of Frii Designs

Quick Note:

​​​Try to use the high-quality belt for your TriLens camera lens holder because the overall system could be quite ​heavy. Especially if you are planning to use big lenses. Also, even though the system offers you the three options to attach your lens I would probably suggest using only two lenses at a time, giving you the option to change the lens much faster, while still leaving space unused on your housing.

Final Thoughts on TriLens

​​​​​To sum up, the TriLens is a perfect product for any situation especially if you are a professional photographer and you need to change lenses on the go. Plus, you also get the option to choose from three different models depending on your system, whether you have the Nikon, Canon, or Sony-mount lenses. The following could be quite handy If you are a wedding photographer, as you get the option to capture some exciting ​photos while changing the lenses in the blink of an eye.

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