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My name is Martin Agger, and I’m an enthusiast photographer and YouTube addict. Photography has always been my passion but in recent years I started shooting videos and I found that it’s more than a hobby for me. I think that people, especially the young generation have more opportunities to be successful in their life because of the internet. Now it’s possible to share your perspective using different video-sharing and social networking sites and become famous almost instantly. All these factors play a huge role in our success, however, we still need some help to create something unique which is worth sharing.

At some point, I also had some difficulties, mainly because there is no place on the internet, where people can find the camera they are looking for, as well as the guide on how to use it. Being in a Situation when you need to browse different blogs to answer a single question. I decided to create my own website, where I will share my thoughts about the products I have used and also the ones which are super famous among filmmakers and photographers. That way I can help more people and hopefully, in the future, they will achieve their goals as well.

There are a couple of reasons why you are going to love this blog, even if you are new to this website. First of all, readers have free access to guides and reviews on how to choose their Cinema & Photography gear, as well as different accessories and equipment. Secondly, people will get the chance to win the scholarship from CinematicLab if they create something unique, based on the requirements provided on our website. That way I’m planning to help people who need some motivation and inspiration, but don’t have enough money to buy the camera.

The main advantage of my blog is that I do the hardest part for you in order to save you time. Most of the guides which you can find on CinematicLab are written for people who need information condensed for them in a very convenient way. All the reviews are expertly written and provided in an interesting format to make the decision-making the process much easier for you.

CinematicLab Motive

The main motivation for me to start this journey was the lack of information and resources on the internet about filmmaking and photography. For me, the ultimate goal is to create an authority site in the niche so that people know, CinematicLab is the last destination for honest information about the product they are looking for.

I’m sure one-day CinematicLab will become a hub for cinema and photography enthusiast and this platform will also help people find their way in this huge industry. If you want to start creating vlogs, making movies or you just love photography. Then it’s a right place for you because there is something for everyone!

[su_quote]No matter where you are from, no matter what your background is, every person will love the CinematicLab.[/su_quote]

I hope this blog inspires you!