Best Camera For Filmmakers

Best Camera For Filmmakers

​One of the questions that I get asked pretty often by people as a filmmaker and educator is what is the best camera for...
Casey Neistat Camera

Casey Neistat Camera Gear and Setup

Casey Neistat's Vlogs have been gaining a lot of popularity lately because of his great cinematography skills and a lot of people are wondering...
Best Instant Camera

The Best Instant Camera

Back in the day, we didn’t waste photos, we held on to them. Now we take photos constantly and they just vanish into the...
Casey Neistat YouTube Vlog

Casey Neistat’s YouTube Vlog and Studio

I honestly don't think there is anyone who has done more for YouTube, for other YouTubers, for the industry of online video as a...
Best Vlogging Camera 2017

The Best Vlogging Camera

Vlogging is something that I will describe as first-person filmmaking, which means that both the narrative and subject is the first person. It’s about...

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